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Barbie's Bears

Website Design, May 2016

1 week | Designer


A client wanted a way to showcase a side project of homemade keepsake bears and communicate with potential customers.  I was approached to create a small simple website to share information about these unique bears.


After interviewing the client, a few key features were needed such as a way to showcase completed bears, share steps of the process, and communicate with those wanting to purchase keepsake bears.  I also interviewed a few potential users to make sure I had key information from their perspective on the website.  I created several pages based on the responses.

Barbies Bears Website


Overall, the client was thrilled to have a simple yet easy way to connect with customers who wanted the keepsake bears.  The client loves that everything is in one place and there is opportunity to grow the website if they decide to grow the business.  Users could easily find information and contact the client to start the process of getting their keepsake bear.  

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